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MM Financial Loans

The name is derived from the owner’s initials: Mr Matela Mojapela.

MM Financial Loans started out as a small money lending company in 1998 in Butha-Buthe, Lesotho; it has grown over the years to become a micro-financial institution with a number of branches in other districts (same as province - FYI), which were established shortly after. In a span of 22 years, the company is well recognised throughout the entire country with a total number of 20 branches that are manned by over 60 employees.

Mission and Vision
Lesotho is a poverty stricken country where most people fall under the middle and low classes; this poses as a huge issue as it inhibits those people from getting assistance from financial institutions. MM Financial Loans has made it its mission to bridge this gap whilst helping to better people’s lives by providing easily accessible and affordable financial services to all peoples regardless of social barriers and standards.
We hope to help alleviate or at least lessen the strain of the shackles that our socio-political climate have imposed on us as a people. In a few years we aim to become the first independent bank established by Basotho for Basotho.

Objectives and Goals
To enhance financial accessibility throughout the country, particularly for less privileged people who cannot access formal financial institutions, also to assist people and small businesses in remote areas.
To provide sustainable financial solutions to individuals, small and medium enterprises.
To successfully operate as a micro-financial institution in order to graduate to a higher level in the financial sector.

1. Financial loans
2. Financial advice

Our Team

Matela Mojapela

'Mamolapo Molapo

Nthole Mojapela

Matete Setlokoane

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